Saturday, 28 July 2012

Over the moon

Q: Why do so many Wetherspoon’s pubs mention the Moon in their name?

A: Because neither of them have any atmosphere...


  1. Lame joke but I think it should be "none" not neither. Unless of course you have two particular pubs in mind or think JDW only have two.

  2. Neither the moon nor Wetherspoon's pubs have any atmosphere...

    Seems grammatical enough to me :p

  3. Spot on Mudgie re Wetherspoons but
    remember the froth and hop league (CAMRA)have a soft spot for the
    Taverns of the Undead. Dont they ocasionally have yeast sniffing ensembles in the Halls of Hades on
    the same nights as Norman Wisdon Fan Reunions.
    The last time I went into a "spoons" (just to use the lav,mind you) it was like a scene
    from Tha Village of the Damned,
    the silence only disturbed occasionally by false teeth dropping into empty jugs or screaming brats being dragged for an Huggy change.

    How much longer must we endure untill normal service is resumed

  4. Usual drivel from Anonymous I see - wonder wht he's so afraid to use his name?

  5. It's from George Orwell's description of his perfect pub in an essay from 1946 (see
    Not that any Spoons measure up to Orwell's standards

  6. John, I have a pretty clear idea of what Anon is talking about. Don't you?

  7. Mudgie, I neither know nor care

  8. Dear John

    "Anon is an habit" I picked up in
    the old DDR (CommunistEastGermany)
    and Syria (Damascus ,Homs and Alleppo)
    Anons live longer
    Anyway those who give their names dont usually have much to say.

    Chin up and Cheers


  9. Not only have they no atmosphere, but it's my contention that they are accelerating to decline and closures of the traditional pub. A JDW opens up in a town, and within a year or two, at least a couple of pubs usually close. True, the pubs that close are often ones that are run badly, with no vision or energy behind them, but normally when such places close, somebody else gets a chance to take them on, and perhaps succeed, but when JDW comes to town, the building owners have the extra excuse that the business is no longer viable, and converts it into flats. Just my opinion.


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