Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Raise a glass to Drinkuary!

As a response to Alcohol Concern’s joyless Dry January initiative, a group has been set up called Drinkuary. They set out their aims as follows:
Drinkuary is a quiet counter argument to Alcohol Concern’s “Dry January”. Alcohol Concern want you to not have a drink for the whole month and raise money for them whilst you do so, I don’t care one way or another if you drink or not. I do care that tax funded charities and health organisations feel compelled to tell us how to live our lives. Quite frankly I’m fed up with it, alcohol is heading down the same slippery slope that tobacco has already been forced down with health warnings in every advert and on every label. Yet still these Killjoys and Puritans can’t just let us make up our own minds, nope they have to spend more of our money lecturing us on how we’re drinking too much and having too much fun and should stop it immediately.
Please go along and have a look – sign up to their Facebook event page, get an icon for your blog or website (as shown in the left-hand sidebar) and maybe request some free beermats for your pub or club.

Despite Alcohol Concern’s best (or should that be worst?) endeavours, January doesn’t have to be bleak and miserable.


  1. How irresponsible.I shall write to toff Dave suggesting dry January be none optional and the nation enjoys a month of trial prohibition. If it is wrong for the poor to drink, it is wrong for the better off.

  2. I shall write to Bully(ington) Dave and tell him ablut the follow-up celebrations - Febrewery, Ides of March Ale(Home Brew Digest Recipe), Prohibition end April (7th 1933), May(flower Brewery), June o when you've had enough, Ju lie about enjoying a few drinks, August Ale(Six Bells Brewery), Suptember, Octobeer, Novembeer and finally Decembeer.

    Suprising how crate(ive) you become after a few beers. Maybe Davey baby should try it!


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