Thursday 22 May 2014

Decision day

The poll on voting intentions that I put up a couple of weeks ago ended up being rather over-enthusiastically shared by others on Twitter and so the results are, er, somewhat unrepresentative. Make of that what you will. At least no option was left with zero votes!


  1. It should be an interesting election night. By all accounts the kippers are set to do well. 182 of your readers will be cheering.

    Not a kipper myself but the coverage they have received of late appeared to go beyond reasonable and required scrutiny and into a campaign against them. Poor old Nige.

    I suspect they are here to stay and this chap makes a reasoned case why.

    The thing is, they no longer seem to be about EU exit and much of what they are about seems to be counterproductive to it.

  2. The point is that a lot of those 182 are not my readers. Without the sharing, I reckon the UKIP vote would be more like 82 rather than 182 so just over 50%.

    Here's another interesting article: Nigel Farage and the fury of the elites

  3. Democracy is in terminal decline
    Westminster is divorced from the
    will of the ordinary and listens only to the chattering elite.
    Sadly there some amongst us who will gladly applaud the erosion
    of hard fought for liberties but we know who they are ,dont we ?

    Let tham reap the harvest they have sown

  4. Professor Pie-Tin23 May 2014 at 11:32

    I had a Euro MEP on my Irish door-step last week requesting my vote.
    So I asked him if he thought the European Union is all about the free traffic of people and goods between member states.
    " Of course " he replied.
    " Then why did I have to pay €3,000 to import a car from the UK to Ireland where said car is significantly more expensive " I responded and, I'm ashamed to say followed it up immediately with " now fuck off and don't bother me again. "
    It's just one small example of why the European Union and the Euro will ultimately fail.
    It's also why I've been a kipper for several years and I'm fairly certain I'm not a racist.
    The disgraceful witch-hunt of UKIP by all political persuasions at Westminster and the media is also why Mudgie's poll reflects the wider picture in the UK, whether it was Twitter-led or not.
    Besides - and Mudgie should vote UKIP for this reason alone - Nige is the only political leader to come out in favour of segregated smoking areas in pubs.

  5. The best way of countering this kipper threat is to accuse them of all being nutters and racists and by default accuse those that voted for them of the same. There is little point in understanding the myriad of issues behind it.

    They will soon feel shame and return to their previous voting patterns.

    The chances of them resenting that and sticking with the popular insurgency are fuck all.

    1. Yeah, that really worked, didn't it? Maybe throwing bricks at them is a better plan.

  6. Professor Pie-Tin23 May 2014 at 13:22

    No-one does irony like you,old cock.

  7. Good to see Anon back on form


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