Thursday 1 May 2014

Steady as she goes

No real surprises in the latest British Beer Barometer figures from the BBPA. In the year to the end of March 2014, overall beer sales fell by 0.4% - the equal smallest figure since 2006 – split between a 2.9% increase in the off-trade and a 3.3% fall in the on-trade. On-trade beer sales have fallen by 37% over the past ten years and 19% over five years.

In the last two quarters of 2013, more beer was sold in the off-trade than the on, suggesting that the “tipping point” between the two was nigh, but the usual surplus of on- over off- in the first quarter of 2014 means that on an annualised basis the on-trade still accounts for 50.7% of the total. With the general fall in alcohol consumption, the off-trade has also declined over the past ten years, albeit by much less than the on-trade.


  1. Give us some graphs fella. That's what this needs. Then we can work out when the last pub closes & when the last beer is drunk.

  2. One day some stat geek will present a factual statistical analysis of the total loss of revenue caused by the loss of 20,000 licensed venuees in the last 7 years. The last stat 2012 for wet pint sales was 5.4-6.2 million reduction which represents a tax loss PER DAY
    of circa £12 million
    (£4.38 Billion) Per Annum
    With other related dramatic decline in revenues,the government had no alternative but to reduce their expenditure. How?
    Easy ,from the poor,from the unemployed,from the disabled and the elderly.

    Freedom,just another way of saying
    nothing left to do


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