Sunday, 15 February 2009

Drink or dole?

The latest intrusion of the government into people’s private lives is the plan to quiz jobseekers as to how much they drink. Surely this is entirely people’s own business, and as long as they are able to function in a job should be of no concern to the State. And, if people are unable to work due to alcohol problems, they can claim invalidity benefit anyway. The authorities may claim to be only targeting “problem drinkers”, but how long will it be before people are refused benefits because they exceed the official alcohol guidelines of two thimblefuls every Preston Guild? And who will be next – smokers, the overweight, those who don’t eat their “five a day”?


  1. the link to the no dole with booze story is broken. I'm dying to find out what it's all about

  2. Fascinating. Alcohol tests? Ask the police? Who dreamt this madness up?

  3. As it is in the Times one hopes it is a work of fiction by an enthusiastic tory.


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