Friday, 20 February 2009


I’ve said on several occasions recently how New Labour seems to be totally lacking in understanding of or sympathy for pubs. Pete Robinson certainly puts this point across with both barrels here.

Please understand this government hates pubs. The last thing they want right now is the nouveau unemployed filling our pubs while chuntering in loud voices about never voting for this shower again.

They don't care about you or your plight, your aspirations, your dreams. That's because you run a politically-incorrect establishment. You sell alcohol and fatty food for profit and encourage anti-social behaviour. You've never specifically catered for minorities, sexual or ethnic, so your pub doesn't feature in Nu-Labour's brave new world. They'd prefer to see at least 50% of pubs gone for good. Anything beyond that would be a positive bonus.


  1. I read this the other day. Pete Robinson always writes great articles for the Publican, and this is no exception.

    He seems to ruffle the feathers of quite a few publicans, but they need ruffling. Some of them seem to be in a stupor and can't see that they are being lied to on a daily basis by a variety of interests.

    It really is reaching a tipping point where they have to speak up forcefully, or wither and die.

  2. I don't like getting involved in politics really, but it does seem to be the case that Pete's point about the present government wanting 50% of pubs closed is a valid one. Voting this lot in next time is support for closing pubs.

    Also, I don't think any of the trade organisations are looking after the little pub licensee. The likes of BII, BBPA and CAMRA are in the pockets of the big pub companies and the breweries, SIBA is going the same way. I agree with Pete there is no trade organisation for the likes of me.


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