Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Nanny in jackboots

While browsing the BBC news website today I was given an apoplectic fit by this particular display of intolerance from one Dr Alan Maryon-Davis. Apparently we all need more nannying and are surprisingly receptive to it. I can assure him that at Curmudgeon Towers we certainly don’t! I have to wonder at the mindset of these people who get off on banning things and telling others how to live their lives. If we ever end up with a totalitarian régime in Britain, they will find no shortage of willing accomplices. As usual, the Filthy Smoker fisks it more effectively, and profanely, than I could ever do.


  1. Why have I never come across your blog before? Great stuff. :-)

    Immediately added to my blogroll.

  2. By the way, fancy having a go at this story? It's right up your street.

  3. In the past couple of months I seem to have had an upsurge of interest after a year and a half when I sometimes felt I was doing it only for my own amusement.

    I think it's a kind of snowball effect really - as soon as one person picks up on it the word starts to spread.

    You'll be pleased to know I already have your blog on my list :-)

  4. You may have seen this already but if not ...

    Could I suggest that you take a look at this excellent video on YouTube:

    New Labour Party Political Broadcast 2009

    It is both funny and moving.
    About Nanny State Britain

    If you like it please pass on details to as many people as possible.


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