Sunday, 26 April 2009

Beer temperature poll

I recently concluded a poll with the question “Which cask beer temperature do you come across more often?”

There were 23 responses, of whom 18 (78%) said “Too warm” and 5 (22%) said “Too cold”.

For clarification, the poll referred to beer that falls outside what is to you an acceptable temperature range.

We often hear complaints about over-chilled cask beer in Wetherspoon’s pubs, and about Cask Marque setting their temperature standards too low, but I have to say that I come across far more warm ‘uns than cold ‘uns, and obviously the poll shows this is a common experience.

Cask beer should be served at a natural cellar temperature of around 12-13°C (54-55°F) which will make it noticeably cooler than room temperature, but not cold. All too often, pubs fail to achieve this.

It must also be remembered that a pint that’s a bit too cold can always warm up, but one that is too warm will never cool down.


  1. I agree, beer is better served slightly too cold rather than too warm. Water jacketed beer engines is the only real solution to that.

    12-13C is good in my view, although I'd have to admit to preferring a dark malty beer a little bit warmer. As you say, it can soon warm up.

  2. Warm beer has been a problem for so long, I find it laughable when someone complains the odd time it's "too cold."

    Personally I find 13C too warm and am happy for it to come out at 11C. Tandleman will no doubt be along shortly and tell you where he got his magic thermometer from.

  3. T - I've done that = Cask Marque. And, as you know, you and I are agreed on beer serving temp. Warm temperature is the enemy of cask beer.


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