Wednesday 27 January 2010

The answer to everything - ban it!

After the recent furore, it was no surprise that someone should come out and say that Buckfast Tonic Wine should be banned entirely. Not just in Scotland, but across the whole of Europe. And equally no surprise that the person calling for the ban was a female Labour MEP, Catherine Stihler, who no doubt comes out of the same mould of Righteous harpies as Hairy Moneyball, whom Dick Puddlecote takes great delight in baiting.
A Scots Labour MEP yesterday called for a Europe-wide ban on Buckfast. Catherine Stihler urged a powerful European Parliament committee to impose an all-out ban on alcoholic drinks which also include caffeine. The move follows growing concern over Buckfast tonic wine. The drink is 15 per cent alcohol and contains as much caffeine as eight cans of cola in a standard bottle. Buckfast's distributors insist the product has become a scapegoat for anti-social behaviour.
I’m sure all the old biddies who drop in to Buckfast Abbey in pastoral Devon for the occasional bottle of their favourite pick-me-up would be very disappointed to find it no longer available. And, even if we accept the proposition that a combination of alcohol and caffeine turns people into raging madmen, who’s to say you can’t get the same effect from a vodka Red Bull? Or, for that matter, an Irish coffee? And would they have to ban Bailey’s as well?


  1. All this talk about banning Buckfast makes me actually want to try it. Let's support the monks of Devon for the Trappists of Belgium may be next for the bansturbators.

  2. Since this is the favourite beverage of Glaswegian smackheads, and they are the ones that cause all the trouble, perhaps we could just ban heroin instead?


  3. I did have a cursory look along the shelves of my local supermarkets, but didn't spot any. I might have been tempted to try a half-bottle if I had, in the interests of research, of course.

    A quick Google revealed that both Wincarnis and Sanatogen tonic wines were still going, although I'm not sure whether either contain caffeine like Buckfast does.

    @Brian - yes, of course, banning heroin, that really works, doesn't it? ;-)

  4. These feminist knicker wavers are
    only trying to get some relief from
    their pathological hatred of joy
    and obviously some ingrained
    inability to have a normal orgasm.

    Bless them and then the Joan of Arc

    2nd Door on right , Ladies

  5. "whom Dick Puddlecote has taken great delight in baiting"

    Taken? You say that in the past tense. It's a work in progress.

    I live for the day that one of my daily polite comments beats her moderation. ;-)

  6. Dick and Moneyball in the same sentence? I'd didn't think I'd live to see the day..

  7. I`d never heard of it before,sounds good I`ll give it a try methinks ...

  8. Beats me why people drink this stuff. I have NEVER tasted ANYTHING so foul since Stroh "rum", Akvavit or Tequila.

    It has to be, after those three, and milk, THE most DISGUSTING drink on this bloody PLANET!


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