Saturday, 9 January 2010

Where you do your drinking

I recently concluded a poll asking the question “Where do you drink your beer (or other alcoholic drinks)?” This was prompted by comments on Tandleman’s blog about too many beer bloggers being mainly at-home drinkers. “Most (but by no means all) bloggers are home drinkers and really need to get out more”, he said. There were 66 responses, broken down as follows:

All, or the vast majority, in the pub: 13 (20%)
Mostly in the pub: 6 (9%)
About half and half: 16 (24%)
Mostly at home: 13 (20%)
All, or the vast majority, at home: 18 (27%)

I was a little surprised that the second option got so little support, as I might have thought there were a lot of people who were mostly pub drinkers but also liked sampling the more exotic beers at home. Obviously the poll does not go into people’s motivation, but it is noticeable that the biggest single category was those who did all, or virtually all, their drinking at home. I would once have said “mostly in the pub” but am now more “half and half”.


  1. A few years ago the experts such as
    twin tongued chattering groups
    blamed smoky pubs for the lack of upmarket customers. So now many of the stinking smokers have gone ,
    what happened to the well heeled
    nannies,drinking their Echo Falls
    and dazed out on Holby and Casualty.
    Traitors and backstabbers,lets
    hear your pathetic excuses.


  2. Simple.
    No smoke, no go, keep my dough.


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