Saturday, 23 January 2010

Last orders for public liberties

There’s another good article from Sp!ked here by Mick Hume, who says “the all-party support for yet another crackdown on drinkers is a sign of the illiberal times – and a far cry from past battles over booze.” He concludes:

Of course there are always problems linked to drinking and drunkenness, most of them as old as alcohol itself, some of them products of contemporary culture. But none of them is susceptible to the blunt instrument of more laws and bans and taxes. And none of them is a good enough excuse for the state to intrude ever further into public houses and public life, treating citizens as ‘children or savages’ by trying to dictate what sort of chairs or size of glasses they can be allowed.

If these issues are to be a ‘battleground on booze’ for our half-pint politicians in the General Election, it currently looks like a weird one where all sides are standing on the same side of the battle lines, shouting last orders. Time somebody made a stand for the freedom to think and drink for ourselves.


  1. The election will not be fought or won on matters of alcohol abuse thankfully, but the economy, as always.

    I offer my own humble observations on the alcohol abuse here:

  2. "We gotta fight! For our right! To PARTY!"
    I was thinking of a Shakespeare quote to bastardise, but I cannot remember it. So I shall be back once I have found it or do remember it. Somehow the Beastie Boys just don't quite have the right feel. I also doubt that when Judas Priest wrote "Breaking The Law" a simple act of smoking or drinking in a pub ever came to mind.


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