Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Let’s stagger to the barricades

All those who value choice, liberty and enjoying a pint should resist the killjoys’ war on “boozy Britain,” says Tim Black, who points out the rank snobbery and contempt for the lower orders that lies behind much of contemporary anti-drink policy.


  1. Man the barricades. ?????????

    With what shall we man them,
    with froth snifferes ,telly boys,
    mummy's boys, F1 petrol heads,
    sporties,wimmins trolley pushers,
    playstation commandos,the blogging
    Samurai,nappy changers and other
    low mileage mutants.
    Accept it, the Puritans and Levellers are on a winning streak,
    no opposition,,,,,live with it,


  2. Alcohol advocacy really is doomed if it gets linked to the kind of nutters who write for Spiked.

  3. In recent years I've come across a lot of sense on Sp!ked both on alcohol policy and other aspects of the erosion of freedom in this country – which is why I have a link to the site in the sidebar.

  4. Red Nev
    "how pathetic - as allways".

    touchy are'nt we,?
    Wonder why ?

    Anon's shadow

  5. I shall man the bar in my favourite watering hole and consume copious amounts of ale...then I shall guzzle more just for the sake of it until my speech is slurred and my legs are like rubber...then with one last effort I shall neck a pint after saying Bottoms up to the health between each pint I shall stand outside in the snow..smoke a fag right down to the stub before blatently flicking it on to the there!.

    Annon are a whipped little man!

  6. Anon: I'm not at all touchy - just bored with your illiterate and nonsensical comments.

  7. While you may not agree with the sentiment (and nobody is asking you to) I do feel this particular individual's contributions have an oddly poetic ring to them.

  8. I am Stan
    " a whipped little man"
    Nice comment Stan ,pity about the ending,bit short on depth.

    Now then, our Red Nev,
    "illererate and nonsensical comments" of course we should have known better to make comments
    which differ from the accepted and
    controlled mind set. What should we say,just the bits Nanny likes.

    Curmudgeon, keep up the good work,
    let all speak...........or none.


  9. Anon: I have no problem with views that differ from my own; it would be a boring world if we all thought the same. I'm not saying "how dare you say that", as you seem to think. It's more a matter of "why not make sense for a change?"

  10. "Accept it, the Puritans and Levellers are on a winning streak, no opposition"

    Sorry, Rednev, but this is to the heart of the matter.

  11. Nice comment Stan

    Cheers Annon....


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