Saturday, 7 May 2011

Back on the agenda?

We had all thought that the idea of minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland was dead and buried, but the SNP’s surprisingly decisive victory in the Scottish Parliament elections will surely bring it back on the agenda. In a sense, I’d like to see them try it on and have it struck down as anti-competitive by the European courts. The sight of HGVs trundling cases of whisky from Scottish distilleries down the M74 to Carlisle ASDA, and white vans hauling them back again to Glasgow, would underline just how barmy the idea is.


  1. And that would do wonders for the carbon dray print, wouldn't it? An unintended consequence, certainly, but not impossible to anticipate (as indeed you just have).

  2. See this report for more information. Apparently it's "the key priority" of the SNP's second term in office.


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