Saturday, 21 May 2011

Dust and ashes

Here’s a picture of the now-closed Ash Hotel in Heaton Norris, Stockport, scene of the last night smoke-in described here. It’s a rather magnificent redbrick Edwardian building in the Jacobean style. I hadn’t really appreciated before taking this photo how impressive the side elevation was as well. At one time it had its own bowling green at the side, later used as a beer garden.

By the time I first visited, it had been extensively altered inside, but it still retained a possibly unique free-standing hexagonal handpump stand in the space between the lounge and vault bar counters, and a “Cocktail Bar” in the left-hand lounge which was typical of 1960s attempts to make pubs appear more sophisticated. It later received a further nondescript refurbishment which involved reducing the public area and taking the large rear vault out of use. Now it will never trade as a pub again – reports say it is to be used as a bakery.


  1. They'll make more bread that way!

  2. Was that a Boddington's pub at one time? I think I may have been in there a long time ago.

  3. Wilsons, actually. You may be confusing it with the similarly impressive George & Dragon half a mile up the road, which was Boddingtons and is still thriving.

    The Ash, to be honest, was never a particularly good pub, but it's a fine building.

  4. Ash.

    It must have been anti-smoking.

  5. So it's a case of Ash to ashes...


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