Tuesday 29 October 2013

The disease of “Public Health”

More excellent stuff from Chris Snowdon in this must-read extended essay on how the tyranny of “Public Health” is seeking to extend ever closer control over people’s lifestyles.
The slippery slope was both predictable and predicted. The only surprise is how little time it took for the British public to taken in, when only a few years earlier they would have scoffed at the idea of drinkers and salad-dodgers being next in line. Once again, all it took was a change in terminology. A ‘binge-drinker’ had traditionally been someone who went on a session lasting several days. Now it means anyone who consumes more than three drinks in an evening. Similarly, the crude and arbitrary nineteenth century measure of body mass index (BMI) has been used to categorise the chubby as ‘obese’ and the fat as ‘morbidly obese’. Sugar is ‘addictive’ now - and ‘toxic’. ‘Big Food’ is the new ‘Big Tobacco’. The anti-smoking blueprint of advertising bans, tax rises and ‘denormalisation’ provides the roadmap for action. At this stage, there is nothing to be gained from saying we told you this would happen, but we told you this would happen.
And he concludes:
The issue of risk should also be viewed from the right end of the telescope. In a society in which almost everybody willingly puts themselves at risk, those who attempt to lead lives of ascetic self-denial should be regarded as curious outliers. They have every right to pursue extreme longevity if that is their wish, but they have no right to bully and cajole those of us who prefer the good life into emulating them. Whether they are well-intentioned do-gooders, sly charlatans or malevolent bigots, they must be tolerated in a civilised society, but they do not have to be suffered gladly and they should never be given the reins of power. It is time to denormalise the demagogues of ‘public health’.


  1. During the war a combination of government nutritional propaganda & rationing created the healthiest generation that has ever lived. People without the protein and calcium deficiencies of previous generations but without the obesity of current.

    Hardly libertarian but neither really is thinking the only people who ought to influence diet are the marketing department of MacDonald’s.

    Get some of this down you


  2. @Cooking Lager

    Nothing wrong with the state or other organizations putting out a health living message, but they don't stop at that, do they? When people don't choose the course their betters have been advising, then a little more forceful "persuasion" is in order.

  3. The two undenyable facts are:

    1. Alcohol in consistantly large quantities is damaging to your health
    2. Copied behaviour is a problem for children and has been proven to significant issues for some.

    However this seems to have been turned more and more into a witch hunt attempting to turn all forms of media against alcohol, (which cooincidentally is also the reason that some of these children are even here) and have more worryingly been taken up by government which has given the impression to back their concern.

    Tongiht I am drinking some beer. I wouldnt usually on a "school night", but I self medicate a form of depression in the same way that some firefighters start back burners to stop the main progressin of a much larger issue. Is there anything wrong me also enjoying this at the same time, or even just enjoying the odd bottle/pint of beer (or any other form of alcohol). It's not like im getting behind the wheel, or have anyone around me stupid enough to copy my behaviour.

    Honestly if "big brother" gets any more stupid and controling we're going to all have nothing left to do any more in the evening, and a great institution will be left in tatters.


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