Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Barfly or corner bug?

Rather gratifying results from this poll following on from my post here. 90% of respondents don’t see sitting or standing at the bar as their favoured position in a pub, and 65% either never see it as their preferred option, or will only occasionally do so.

For me, the ideal location is sitting down on a bench seat with a window behind me and with a clear view of both the door and the bar counter so I can see what’s happening. The only times I’ve stood or sat at the bar are when there’s either been no alternative or when I’ve been buttonholed by someone who was already there.


  1. For me, the ideal location is at home on my couch with a can of lout and Death in Paradise on the telly.

  2. Brilliant show, that, always explains it at the end, unlike Sherlock which I can't follow at all. And plenty of fit dusky birds.

    Hey, and Midsomer Murders is on tonight, all two hours of it :-)

  3. Much prefer John Nettles to the new bloke in Midsomer Murders.

  4. To put it another way, 75% of respondents have no problem with people standing or sitting at the bar. The other 25% are watching a Clint Eastwood film in the snug.

  5. I cant imagine any real Englishman
    standing,sitting,lying down,jumping up and down or doing somersaults in any of the remaining taverns still popular with loners,hand wafters,tut-tutters,face pullers,shoulder shruggers,carpetbaggers,fellow travellers and assorted malcontents.
    Nearly forgot The Brave New World
    Weasels whose grey "paradise" they would have us endure to placate their own miserable existence.
    Are we sill allowed to Reason Why?

  6. I quite like autistic scandinavian cops, like, what with being a middle class tosser what's impressed by subtitles and gray skies, but you have to hand it good old British bobbies.

    If I were head of the Danish rozzers I'd take my cops to one side and say "listen up, 10 to 20 episodes for 1 murder isn't good enough. Pull your socks up or we will get some crazy Englishman in who can do it in under an hour.


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