Sunday, 5 January 2014


Not entirely surprising results from the poll on whether people couldn’t stomach certain types of food. It should be noted that this poll has been run jointly with Mark Wadsworth, and so has responses from both his blog and mine. He also suggested that the question should be changed to “types of normal food” (which doesn’t show on the results) because the intention was to ask whether there was some commonplace food category such as eggs, dairy, fish or chicken that people couldn’t stand, not whether they didn’t fancy the odd rarity like frog’s legs, calamari or tripe.

Exactly 50% reckoned they would eat anything while, of the remainder, 39% reckoned there were a few food categories that they couldn’t handle, and 11% quite a lot. Mind you, that 11% is a substantial chunk of the market, and surely pubs and restaurants could do more to cater for it by taking a more flexible approach to what goes with what. It’s no good saying “you can always ask” as that in itself is a deterrent and makes the person asking appear awkward. “Eeh, we’ve got a fussy bugger here!”

People have many odd dietary foibles – for example, one former work colleague, although she had quite an eclectic diet, simply could not stand it if different items on a plate had been allowed to run into each other.

The poll results can be seen here as there are some interesting comments. There may have been one or two further votes after I took the snapshot.

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