Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Continental way of drinking

Excellent letter in today’s Sunday Telegraph (not unfortunately on their website):

Just one more glass

SIR – I fully support the suggestion (Letters, May 16) that lager should be served in continental-size glasses.

The best beer I ever tasted was at the Andechs Monastery in Bavaria. It was served in one-litre glasses.

T.J.W. Leyland
Boston, Lincolnshire


  1. Let's not go for this foreign nonsense - bring back quart glasses!

  2. Back in the 1980s, a drinker of my acquaintance used to have a special quart glass kept for him behind the bar of the long-defunct Castlewood in Stockport, which he used to drink Wilsons Mild.

    ISTR Wetherspoons experimenting with 30oz glasses, but that seems to have died a death.

  3. Litre glasses are fine as long as they are served by one of Cooking Lager's German girls. ;-)

  4. Talking about the "Taverns of the Undead",Wetherspoons,they have stopped customers taking drinks
    out on to their own outside
    smoking area because it overlooks
    a busy road.They're hoping the restrictions are applied to nearby
    competitors who dont have alternative areas like Wetherspoons rear yard areas.Dont believe me ?
    Nobody believed me about 21+ only
    restriction and no headwear after 7pm,last orders at 10.40 pm
    with 12pm advertised and quite a few more "kill the evening" ideas
    now that they open at 7am.

    Pity about those who work during the day.

    Cynicus Maximus

  5. It's well worth the walk up through the woods, on a hot summer's day, to enjoy a litre or two of beer at Andechs monastery!

  6. In the hot weather, a small bottle of ice cold lout stays cold. In hot weather the antipodian approach of small stubbies, ice cold, and a lot of them is nice.

  7. Thanks Mudge. Lout appreciation is becoming a movement!

  8. Simple but did make me rather chuckle.


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