Tuesday, 25 May 2010

In the club

Given all the discussion about CAMRA recently, I thought it might be interesting to ask how many readers were members of the organisation. There were 65 responses, broken down as follows:

Yes, currently an annual member: 23 (35%)
Yes, currently a life member: 7 (11%)
No, but I have been in the past: 9 (14%)
No, never: 26 (40%)

So, roughly a half-and-half split, which is much as I would have expected. It might be interesting to know why those who have been members in the past did not renew their membership.


  1. My guess was that members would be about a third, so I'm slightly surprised.

  2. When you're a member, Mudge, you are "on the grid", and the black helicopters can find you. To stay off the grid you have to not leave a trail of either paper or electronic record. It is the only way to resist the bansturbators of the new world order. That's why they left.

    Got a lout division in this beer club yet? Let me know when you do.

  3. Cooking Lager: put your money where your mouth is. Form your own lager club. After all, if it's as lovely as you say ...

    Call it SLAG: Society of Lout Appreciating Guzzlers.


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