Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A blast from the past

An excellent article here from Paul Chase on the rise of neo-Prohibitionism:

We risk repeating the catastrophe that has resulted from drug prohibition if we keep over-pathologising non-problem drinking and exaggerating its risks…

…We all know that there are problem drinkers, but an approach that targets interventions at people whose drinking isn’t a problem is, by definition, inventing a problem where none exists.
Just what I’ve been saying for years! It’s a pity, though, that nobody in authority ever seems to listen. Will the new government make any difference, or will it be a case of being beaten with a blue and yellow stick rather than a red one?


  1. Do you even need to ask?

  2. Well, no, it's a rhetorical question. Incidentally, I saw this one and thought it might alarm you: Cheese price hike fear

  3. Thanks. You know just how to depress a cheese addict:(


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