Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Declaration at Curmudgeon Central

Well, the polls have now closed, and the 126 responses to the question “How will you vote in the General Election?” were as follows:

BNP: 9 (7%)
Conservative: 20 (16%)
Green: 6 (5%)
Labour: 16 (13%)
Liberal Democrat: 20 (16%)
SNP/Plaid Cymru: 3 (2%)
UKIP: 36 (29%)
Other: 5 (4%)
Don’t intend to vote: 6 (5%)
Not eligible to vote: 5 (4%)

Obviously, this is only representative of readers of this blog, and the strong showing for UKIP and (regrettably) the BNP is likely to be due to unhappiness about the smoking ban. If Labour do come third in the popular vote tomorrow, they should reflect on the fact that this vindictive measure has alienated large swathes of their traditional support, many of whom will never forgive them for it.

Let’s see how the real poll pans out tomorrow...


  1. It's encouraging that many are thinking of discarding the big three, but then I would say that, wouldn't I. ;-)

  2. I answered the question accurately in that I put down who I will vote for, not who I want to vote for.

  3. That indeed was the question, not how you would ideally like to vote, or who you would like to see win.

  4. You used "(regrettably)" when you mentioned BNP. They may be an undesireable party but personally, I would have used that word for the poeople who would vote for another 5 years of Labour rather than those who would vote for a party with no hope of getting in.

  5. Bucko, it's just the context of where the reference to the BNP appeared. They may have one or two policies with which I agree (they also claim to be climate-sceptic) but overall they are odious totalitarian scum. Their economic policies, of state direction, protectionism and autarky, are surprisingly similar to the Greens'.

    The post, and the accompanying picture, make my feelings about Labour abundantly clear.

    If you've not seen it already, Dick Puddlecote hits the nail very firmly on the head here.


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