Saturday, 1 May 2010

Election poll

I’m not trying to grind any particular axe (although it shouldn’t be hard to discern my own political preferences from this blog) – I just thought it would be interesting to see how the political allegiances of readers of this blog stack up. Good to see at least one person has voted for every option. Currently UKIP are in the lead with 23% of the vote. Feel free to comment on the poll or indeed the election in general.

If he was standing in my constituency I would certainly give my vote to this guy.


  1. Surprising result for a site
    popular with the froth and clog
    lodges. One would have anticipated
    a walkover for the
    "Not entitled to vote" section.

    No not that type of Asylum.

    Beamish Home Deliveries

  2. Can we trust any of them?

  3. Too late to stand yourself Mudge?

  4. So, to date 35% of your readers are going to vote BNP or UKIP. You have to admit, that's rather telling....

  5. Good point, Clarkey, well made. I guess that's pong drinkers for you.

  6. Labour have betrayed the working class.

    They have destroyed their pubs, their clubs, their bingo halls, taken away their jobs, turned their neighbourhoods over to an alien culture.

    Who do they now have to turn to but the BNP?

  7. "Good point, Clarkey, well made. I guess that's pong drinkers for you."

    Ahem. I think you'll find that's the pro-smoking lobby for you...

  8. I get a little tired of people using the term "pro-smoking" to describe anyone who opposes the smoking ban. You don't need to be "pro" anything to believe it shouldn't be outlawed - indeed there are plenty of things that I find pretty obnoxious but don't think should be banned.

    Is a vegetarian who doesn't believe meat-eating should be banned "pro-meat"?


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