Saturday, 1 May 2010

Paint it black

I’ve complained in the past about the strange tendency to paint pubs in wishy-washy colours that look as though they’re still in primer and awaiting their final coat. So it’s good to see that one of my local pubs, Hydes’ Four Heatons, has recently had its pale green paintwork (shown on the picture) replaced with a robust black. It looks much better for it.


  1. I do hope it has gold lettering?
    Goes so well with black.

  2. Yes, it's gold - but it was in the original colour scheme too, as the picture shows.

  3. Still a disgusting building no matter what colour they paint it! Better than in its Moss Rose days, though.

    As an aside, any particular reason you're no longer updating the pub guide site, Curmudgeon?

  4. Re the Stockport Pub Guide, changed personal circumstances and priorities meant that I wasn't "getting round the pubs" as I once did, and the increasing pace of change made it harder to keep up with things.

    I had received a number of criticisms about information not being up to date and concluded it was better to take it down rather than leave something there that was potentially misleading. It also relieves me of any sense of obligation to update it.

    A "preserved in aspic" version can still be found here.

  5. That's fair enough - a bit of a shame, it came in useful now and then, though. Hope you still manage to get out for the odd pint though. I'll be back for the Stockport Beer & Cider Festival, probably from the Thursday - perhaps see you then!?

  6. And nine months later it was closed and boarded...


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