Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Blowing smoke in Nanny’s eye

I was interested to read that hand-rolling tobacco is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Not only is it cheaper than ready-mades, it also has “a slightly more antiestablishment feel”. And, of course, given the degree to which it has been demonised by the great and the good, smoking is now more a statement of rebellion against conformity than it ever has been.


  1. Don't forget it is half retail price,£6.00 for 50g,if you get it from certain boozers.


  2. I thought about giving up until they banned it. Now I smoke very large pungent cigars very close to the door and force all the non-smokers to walk through my fog.

    Really anti-social I know, but hey they were the ones who asked me to stand outside, so I do.

  3. I must admit that I've been less worried about many laws since I was 'denormalised' and classed as inferior.

    Respect engenders respect, and in contrast ...


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