Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Ashamed to be a pub

There’s a good piece here by Pete Brown decrying the growing tendency of operators of food-led pubs to deny that their outlets are pubs at all. But, on the other hand, is it not equally reprehensible for establishments that are restaurants in all but name still to capitalise on the history and associations of the pub?


  1. Spot on Mudgy,

    The pub chains not content with
    buggering up the pub trade ,they
    now set their targets on destroying
    the local family owned restaurants
    and cafes. Pubs were'nt intended
    for Mr & Mrs Fanny munching
    bull shit cuisine once a week and
    then spending the rest of the
    week boring the tits of their
    mates with every detail of every

    Brassed of with PlasticMan

  2. I did this back in March. Good to see Pete catching up! (-;

  3. Fair enough, although he is rightly corrcted on some of his poorly chosen examples. Whitbread stopped being a pubco when it sold its pubs, so it can't fairly be criticised for not promoting pubs.

    TM.I hope you are getting royalties

  4. I appreciate the perspective of both yourself & Sir Pete Brown but business is as they say business. If the quid is in a microwave tikka massala then that is where the quid is. The market moves.

  5. Cookie, the objection is not to changes in the market but to disingenuousness.


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