Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mine's a pint

I recently concluded a poll asking the question “What is your preferred type of pint beer glass?” There were 61 responses, broken down as follows:

Conical: 19 (31%)
Dimpled tankard: 14 (23%)
Nonik: 17 (28%)
Tulip: 9 (15%)
Other: 2 (3%)

So a narrow victory for the conical, perennial beer festival favourite and widely seen as the classic traditional British beer glass. But a lot of support for the humble, utilitarian Nonik, which in my view has a kind of minimalist elegance and simplicity, and also plenty of votes for the supposedly old-fashioned dimpled tankard. Surprisingly little support for the tulip, though, the national glass of Yorkshire.


  1. The nonik should be consigned to the dustbin of history. It is the worst possible glass from every point of view. IMO of course.

  2. But a Con-Dem alliance of the useless Nonic and the old-fashioned tankard would crush the Tulip and Conic faction.

  3. The dimpled jug is the vessel of choice for the twat and the chinless wonder!

    You might surmise I don't care for it.

  4. Used just to be the chinless wonder, but it is expanding.

  5. Who named these shapes, they make beer sound dowdy and boring!

  6. Nonik = "No nicks". That is it can be stacked, due to the bulge, without chipping the edges.


  7. The large plastic bucket bought from B&Q. And a straw.


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