Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Following on the glasses theme, I recently ordered a Hobgoblet as advertised for £5.99 on the back of bottles of Wychwood Hobgoblin. I had been expecting a stemmed pint glass, but in fact it turned out be an oversize, lined half-pint glass (in fact described on their website as a 470ml glass) very similar in size and shape to a Belgian Rochefort glass I have. I’m not a fan of stemmed pints, so one of those would probably have lingered in the back of the cupboard, but, as it is, it’s an attractive glass that will no doubt get used for 330ml bottles of Belgian beers, Punk IPA, Old Tom etc.


  1. The word "hobgoblet" makes my flesh crawl, although I'm sure the glass is perfectly nice. A Google search reveals a few pictures.

  2. I couldn't actually find any pictures of this particular glass, although it did show up this rather less tasteful etched pint glass.


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