Sunday, 6 June 2010

It won’t lie down

Less than a month after the general election, and the issue of cutting the drink-drive limit raises its ugly head again. In fairness, all that is being reported is the submission of a report by Sir Peter North that was commissioned by the previous government, and there is no guarantee that the coalition intend to implement it.

Many Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs represent rural constituencies and their voters might not react too kindly to proposals to kill off the social life of their communities and impose the gloom of the Scandinavian nanny state on them.

And it would be interesting to see Dave Cameron going round all the country pubs in his rural Oxfordshire constituency of Witney explaining why he thinks they should be put out of business.

There is an excellent post on this subject on Al Jahom’s Final Word to which I can add very little. It is good to see opposition to this misconceived plan, which back in 1997 often hid its light under a bushel, getting a good airing in the blogosphere.


  1. Country pubs may close if the
    drink -drive limits are tightened ?

    So bloody what, they hardly raised
    the roof when they banished their
    long standing regulars to the gutter just because they smoked.

    If they want to be a Carvery joint or a Brunch branch theres no need
    to sell booze, let them cater for
    the weekend Morbids & Co, put
    smooothies and Vimto on draught.

    0 limit, that would see off some
    of the demics
    Dont forget,it will save lives

    Urban Poor

  2. Not being a driver these days I'm a little out of touch about the limit and how it translates per unit etc. (yeah, I don't like the unit shit either) and being above or below the law when it comes to driving under the influence. One of the phrases I most hate is "zero tolerance", it gives the righteous something to hang their hat on.

    I'll head over to AJ's place and educate myself.

  3. Is your favourite pub the Dog In't'Manger, Anon?

  4. The link is much appreciated, Mr Curmudgeon.

    Apparently now, it is mandated by an EU 'Opinion of the Council' which needs to be headed towards by all states, or a Directive will be issued.


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