Saturday, 24 July 2010

Freedom of association

I have just concluded a poll asking the question “Should private members’ clubs be allowed to offer indoor smoking areas?” The result, with 95 people voting, was pretty decisive:

Yes: 81 (85%)
No: 14 (15%)

I’ve already made the argument in favour of this here.


  1. Was anyone seriously expecting any other result?

  2. The only problem with allowing
    clubs to have indoor smoking areas
    would be the consequences for nearby struggling pubs.

    If ,according to Politicians,anti-smokers and other nannified freaks,
    the ban is so popular ,why should
    a landords freedom of choice be
    such a concern,surely we would all be patronising the non smoking venues.Anyway the pro ban pubcos
    would remain non smoking after all their success with the ban,
    or would they ?

    Replies welcome from normal folk,

    Thomas More Fan Club

  3. Indeed, that is the key to the fallacy of their "Ban is popular" lie. If the ban was so popular then repealing it would make little difference. A few dives would cater to the few remaining smokers and virtually everywhere else would be non-smoking. After all, market forces would force pubs to cater to those who would gain them maximum profits, and according to them that should be by providing non-smoking pubs.

    After all, if there was a law against hammering nails into your balls, I doubt repealing it would see a surge of testicle-related injuries. People either want or do not want to do something. The fact that the Ban remains is a clear argument for the fact that most people don't want it - and the fact they won't even allow a trial of "smoking pubs" somewhere to see if the Ban is indeed behind pub closures, is evidence of the fact that they know it, too.


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