Tuesday 25 January 2011

Eat up and enjoy yourself

There's an excellent article about food and dieting from Dominic Lawson in today’s Independent. It concludes:

Back in 1974, Dr Lois McBean and Dr Elwood Speckmann produced what remains the most incisive demolition of the pseudo-nutritional cults, in a paper on what they termed “food faddism”.

Their list of its typical adherents bears repeating today: “Miracle seekers or those who adhere to an uncritical belief in bizarre or unrealistic promises; ritual or authority seekers; those pursuing ‘super’ health; paranoiacs; ‘truth’ seekers; fashion followers and the ‘afraid’ who are anxious about the uncertainties and threats of living.”

That last category is the most telling; it makes the point that those who are frightened by food are frightened by life itself. Eat up – and enjoy yourself.
And, what’s more, it says:
The analysis, in this highly respected academic publication, concludes that overweight people live longer lives, and that those who are obese in old age tend to live longer than those who are thin. They are also, say the researchers from the University of California, more likely to survive certain dangerous medical conditions such as heart disease, renal failure and type 2 diabetes.


  1. Cripes! How California academics have changed in 36 years.

    wv bingess (honest) :)

  2. Interesting. People search for gurus, whether in religion, politics, or food faddism. My approach is (in all instances): sod the gurus and work it out for yourself!

  3. It is later than you think, but maybe not as late as I thought!


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