Monday 3 January 2011

Steak and ale

Well, you weren’t very enthusiastic about the concept of beer and food matching. I asked the question, and the answers were:

It enhances the appreciation of both: 5 (11%)
It is a load of pretentious nonsense: 39 (89%)

It may have its place in esoteric gourmet circles, but given that most beer is not consumed with food, and even when it is, it is a question of “does Unicorn or Hatters go best with ham & eggs?”, it is a complete irrelevance to the appreciation of beer, and those beer writers who bang on about it are guilty of being pretentious twats.

To my mind, as someone who can’t do with red wine in any form, the concept of wine and food matching is equal bollocks.


  1. Yet again, I've found myself agreeing with you. I'm getting worried!

  2. Nev, if we stayed off the subject of politics I'm sure we could enjoy a convivial evening in the pub ;-)

  3. I have to say I couldn't disagree more with this. While I agree that in the general scheme of things it is perhaps a bit of an irrelevance, it does have a place.

  4. Heretic. Expect to be expelled from the Great Church of Beer Blogging.

  5. I'm surprised at you Mudgie, whist I agree the vast majority of beer is not consumed in a way, even when with food, that would suit the "pretentiousness" of those of us who take an interest in the subject of beer and food matching, I still think that it has interest to some. It might well be that those that it interests are pretentious, but surely we are allowed that?

    The vast majority of wine is not consumed with the slightest concern as to whether it is matched with food correctly. Indeed, I suspect a fair bit of it is drunk without food. Also, I suspect that the vast majority of regular wine drinkers think that wine and food matching is pretentious. Perhaps it is. I don't care because I like to do it and have recently found some excellent matches.

    However, don't expect to be expelled, I would be the first to defend any blogger's right to say what he thinks, even when he/she is clearly wrong.


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