Saturday, 15 January 2011

Once bitten, twice shy?

Another pub name gem courtesy of Google Street View. Somehow I doubt whether visiting American tourists will be too keen to call in at this Bury pub.


  1. Apparently their scratchings are divine...

  2. Had a friend who used to work there. Never been in myself, though.

  3. Just one of many charming Bury hostelries. Remember to book early.

  4. Thank you Red Nev, I was trying to think what it could possibly be named for. Although the Oxford English Dictionary puts up another possibility:

    Roach - Brit. regional. Mining. A seam or bed. Also roach of coal.

  5. I suspect in this case it may come from the nearby River Roch (pronounced Roach). The town of Rochdale (pronounced Rotch) takes its name from the same river.


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