Tuesday, 1 March 2011

British Pride

I know many of you will have already seen this, but this video from SIBA entitled Proud of British Beer is well worth watching. It is good that it encompasses the whole industry and avoids any hint of factionalism – indeed the woman who brews Carling is prominently featured. In its plea to George Osborne to turn off the alcohol tax escalator it also doesn’t flinch from the reality of closed pubs. As a nation we have a longstanding tendency to be cynical and self-deprecating about our achievements, but there should be no shame in taking pride in our national drink and the people who produce it.

Proud of British Beer from Society of Independent Brewers on Vimeo.


  1. I thought it was an excellent video, very well scripted, filmed & edited.

    My only thought though is: who is the audience?

    Are we not just preaching to the converted? I'm not sure that most of my mates will take the time to watch it or come away with a feeling of British pub & ale is best...

  2. Beer is one thing but Pubs are another. What's the point of going into pubs when the camaraderie and so many drinking partners are outside!
    Bring back the real atmosphere where all can be welcomed.

  3. Xopher: the single issue comment again! Do your friends chain smoke that they spend ALL of their time outside the pub? Or perhaps they're escaping from your single topic of conversation.


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