Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bargain of the year so far

Tesco’s beer offers seem to vary unpredictably week by week, so you never quite know what you’re going to find. This week, they are offering four bottles for £5 across a wide range, including many of the popular premium ales such as Directors, Tanglefoot and Bishop’s Finger, plus the excellent bottle-conditioned Fullers’ Bengal Lancer and local favourite Robinson’s Unicorn Premium which rarely seems to be included in any offers. Given that, post-Budget, they seem to have raised their standard PBA price to £1.89, this is a very worthwhile discount. Punk IPA is in there too, although as the normal price is £1.49 the saving is not as great.

However, standing head and shoulders above everything else is Morland Old Crafty Hen, a superb, complex 6.5% vintage ale which Tesco normally sell for a somewhat prohibitive £2.79 for 500ml. At £5 for four, that’s less than half price, so if it’s to your taste it makes sense to fill your boots while the offer lasts.


  1. Stonking reductions. But... a 6.5% beer in a 500 ml bottle???

    (I voted 7%, I'll be all right.)

  2. Agreed, excellent selection of ales I popped there last night and bought 36 bottles of booze - 21 of which were Punk (most of these were for mates).

    Highlights of the offer for me were Fuller's ESB, Bengal Lancer & Marston's Old Empire - although they only had one bottle of MOE left :(

    Thanks to @TheBeerBunker for tweeting the details of this massive offer yesterday.

  3. I'm not normally much of a stockpiler of beer, as I know that the fact that I have a stock tends to lead on to drinking more of them than I otherwise would.

    However, I couldn't resist going back today for another bite at the cherry. Only 3 bottles of OCH left, but I was probably going to buy another one (Bengal Lancer) as the fourth anyway.

    Multibuy Savings: £5.26

    You pay: £5.00


  4. I know it's expected of CAMRA members but I really do dislike filtered and pasteurised bottled beers unless they are of a high enough strength to impart some body to the beer. So Tesco has next to nothing for me apart from Duvel.

  5. @ Birkonian - wouldn't the Bengal Lancer (which IMV is a very good bottle-conditioned beer) appeal to you?

  6. Thanks for this, just popped down and filled my boots!
    Surprisingly of all these on offer in my Tesco the only one which had emptied the shelf was the 'Teignworthy Beachcomber' a bottle conditioned lager!

  7. This offer is still on, so I've been taking full advantage, with Bengal Lancer, Directors, Tanglefoot and Bishop's Finger featuring heavily alongside OCH. The OCH seems to disappear rapidly from the shelves - I wonder why.

  8. offer ends 5/5/11 apparently according to the tickets, i made another run today

  9. Excellent, 3 more weeks to go :-)

  10. And this is now on again at Tesco, including Old Crafty Hen, Pedigree VSOP, personal favourite Hawkshead Lakeland Gold and lots of other British bottled beers. Didn't check when it finished - I'll have to do this on my next run.


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