Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sales decline eases

There’s some consolation for the British brewing industry in the latest beer sales figures from the BBPA, which show that in the first quarter of 2011, the decline compared with the equivalent quarter last year had eased from 5.0% to 3.8%, with both on- and off-trade showing a similar reduction.

However, looking at the annualised figures, on-trade sales are still 6.5% down on the previous year and annual on-trade volumes are now only just above 14 million barrels. Let us see if April’s good weather and the run of four bank holidays give the pub trade a boost, or if the duty hikes in the Budget lead to a further downward spiral.


  1. On sales are definetly up at the moment, it's gone mental at the brewery I work at.

  2. It would be ironic if beer sales did go up due to the r***l wedding, seeing that beer has been completely banned from the reception.

    Any increase in sales would be welcome, but would be no more than the briefest of respites in the problems affecting the pub trade.

  3. I didn't mention the Royal Wedding as such, as regardless of one's view of it, it's unlikely that it will give much of a boost to the pub trade. If anything, it is more likely to boost off-sales.

    However, you would expect four Bank Holidays over an 11-day period, with generally good weather, to have a positive impact.


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