Thursday, 23 February 2012

Happy days are here again

I see today that the evil empire of Tesco have revived their highly attractive multibuy beer offer, albeit now at £6 for 4 rather than £5. If you’re just after the likes of Abbot, Bombardier and Pedigree you will still be slightly better off at Morrison’s, but this includes all the stronger super-premium beers like 1698, Bengal Lancer, White Shield, Pedigree VSOP and even Old Crafty Hen, which normally retails at £2.79 a bottle. You can also get Hawkshead Lakeland Gold, which to my mind is probably the best regular-strength PBA in the supermarkets. I didn’t spot when the offer finishes, but fill your boots while it lasts!


  1. In some parts of the North West there will be Thwaites' Old Dan. The best value if it's included will be Tesco American IPA aka Brewdog Hardcore IPA.

  2. lazy blogging. We need a list by abv to find out the best bang per buck for the pong.

  3. I would say that the Pedigree VSOP at 6.7% wins the bangs per buck trophy at 44.8p per unit. Still not exactly "dirt-cheap", though.


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