Saturday, 4 February 2012

Totty-up ban

There’s been plenty of discussion about Slater’s Top Totty ale being banned from the House of Commons bar following a complaint by some humourless, politically correct Labour harridan. But, as often said, no publicity is bad publicity:
Last night Vicki Slater, of Slater's Ales, said: ‘At first I just couldn't believe it that in this economic climate a Labour MP would get exercised about the name of a beer.

‘But all this publicity has been a blessing. After the fuss, it sold out immediately. People have been phoning from all over Britain asking us to supply their pubs. We're delivering twice as much Top Totty tomorrow as we ever have before.’


  1. Sexist real ale that objectifies women and refers to them as totty. It's the future and will save pubs and pong!

  2. "...people have been phoning from all over Britain asking us to supply their pubs. We're delivering twice as much Top Totty tomorrow as we ever have before."

    And what with Britain being a nation of tabloid over-reaction to a storm in a teacup these days, sales will be back to pre-fuss levels the week after, when everybody has forgotten to be outraged.

  3. It's the perfect pint to accompany a night in the pub moaning about how it's apparently sexist to call a waitress "darling" now, even when you're patting her bum, so-called "Festivus" indeed!

  4. Kate Green should be asking for a slice of the extra sales she has generated.

  5. And if she did I'm sure Slaters would be happy to tell her just where to stick it. They could even produce a pumpclip to illustrate the process.

    There's an article in today's Observer that questions whether this was a fight worth picking.

  6. I think this is almost the perfect story.

    Some self important, humourless twat of an MP gets on her high horse and has a beer banned from the Parliament bars (nowhere else, note) and as a result the rest of the country start ordering the stuff.

    Hilarious. Top Totty is probably not as nice as Hobgoblin but I would buy a pint just to piss Kate Green and her righteousness off.

  7. Good God you people think this sort of thing is funny? Did you drill your own holes in your head or did your parents do it when you were small?

    Stick to your smutty jokes in your corner of the stinking hole you drink in while it's still open. When it closes down and you're forced blinking into the light you'll realise that the rest of the world isn't living in the stone age, and that is why your 'real mens' pubs are shutting down.

  8. I wonder if she complained about the cola advert showing a fit man cleaning windows. But of course sexism only goes one say

  9. Or for that matter the Carling ad showing a man following a trail of lager around the house and licking it up. But of course it's entirely acceptable to portray men as Neanderthal dimwits.


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