Sunday, 15 April 2012

No business here

According to Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, “the government did not work with tobacco companies as it wanted them to have ‘no business’ in the UK.” A rather strange thing to say when they produce a legal product that is enjoyed by millions, keeps thousands in employment within the UK and generates billions each year for the Exchequer.

It doesn’t stop there, either. I reported last year about a joint conference held in Glasgow involving ASH Scotland and Alcohol Focus Scotland where no alcohol industry representatives were allowed to attend or express an opinion. And you can see it in more and more sectors, with “campaigners” whingeing about the food industry being consulted about nutrition policy, the oil industry about energy policy, the airlines about aviation policy, the motor industry about transport policy.

Of course government shouldn’t allow business to dictate policy, but if you feel that a business sector should not be consulted and listened to at all about legislative changes affecting it, then you are in effect saying that business is not inherently legitimate.

And do these people never stop to think who ultimately generates the tax revenue that keeps them in their cushy, well-paid employment?


  1. Well, we have a rather strange government that absolutely no one voted for. One that seems determined to erode everyone's freedoms, including those of businesses. How ironic that this very same government jumps at the opportunity to invade and bomb other countries in order to 'free' their citizens (leaving little more than a trail of devastation and death). One could be forgiven for thinking they have hidden agenda.

  2. Are fags based blogs still legal? I would have thought you've have to put fags based posts behind a plain shutter and only open it when a verifiable adult asks to see it.

    I am in fact a 12 year old boy and this is warping my tiny little mind.


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