Sunday, 19 July 2009

Game, boy?

In the local this lunchtime, and there was a kid of about five years old busy playing on a hand-held games machine, with all the associated beeping and warbling. Since when was this remotely acceptable in a pub? The old-school landlord would instantly have said "stop that now or you're out!"

Little wonder adult customers prefer the quiet and order of their own homes.


  1. All too commonn, I'm afraid. I was going to post on something similar, except it was mid evening-when the child shouldn't have even been there.

  2. .. I think I must be that old-school landlord.

    Mind you, gaming machines are just as bad, apart from the fact the licensee makes money directly from them.

    I prefer pubs that have neither.

  3. Sunday lunchtime is family time in many pubs. It's the only time many people with kids would ever step into a pub. If you go into one at that time you have to take your own Nintendo DS to link up with the kids and thrash them at Mario Kart. It ain't 1950.

  4. It ain't 1950 but good pub etiquette is timeless.

  5. Well, precisely. A licensee (hopefully) wouldn't allow a child to repeatedly bang a drum in a pub - the principle is exactly the same.

  6. Children should be seen and not heard!


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