Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Analysing pub closures

Last week, I referred to a study by CR Consulting demonstrating how the smoking ban had been the primary cause of pub closures over the past three years. Dave Atherton has now written about this at more length on the blog of the Institute of Economic Affairs.

While in-depth research would be required to ascertain accurately the relative impact of various factors, the statistical evidence certainly appears to support the view that the smoking ban is playing a pivotal role in the rapid decline of Britain’s pubs. If this is the case, the policy implications are clear: to reduce the rate of closures, pubs and clubs should at the very least be allowed to provide separate ventilated smoking rooms.


  1. There are still some who like to cloud the issue of pub closures
    with whimpers about recessions,supermarkets and all sorts of limp excuses.We know who these denialists are and why they persevere with their senseless arguments.They are the ones who dont care what happens to others as long as their tiny insular world
    is comfy and cosy.
    These are the big time heroes who
    look away when they pass an old soldier in the doorway.These are
    the brave ones who avoid eye contact with the old lady on the
    rear porch.These are England's finest as they trip over a blind man's dog in their haste to join
    other circles of self importance
    These indeed are the architects
    of this divided ation
    If only they knew.

    34th Degree

  2. Lucy Paige Gaston early 20th century tobacco prohibitionist.


    Carrie Nation was the original alchohol prohibitionist.


    The modern versions of these strange people have large amounts of public funding and a lot of lobbying power.

    Still they havent changed a bit.
    Barking mad.

  3. Can you honestly see Cameron/Clegg relaxing the smoking ban?
    I don't regard either of them with a spine or balls.

  4. The primary reason for pub closures is real ale enthusiasts stood at the bar pontificating about pong and the evil of chemical piss. It makes the rest us want to go home to our fridge of cheap lout.

    Ban CAMRA members from pubs.

  5. Funny that Cooking, the pubs in my town that cater to real ale enthusiasts are all doing well. It's the fizz-mongers that are dying on their arses.


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