Saturday, 18 September 2010

Who reads this anyway?

A couple of weeks ago, I made the comment that “I always picture most of the readers of this blog as middle-aged blokes.” A commenter suggested I set up a survey to analyse the readership and demonstrate whether or not this was true, so I did. This has now closed, and with 102 responses it seems I have been proven right.

The age and gender breakdown was as follows:

Female under 35: 6 (6%)
Female aged 35-54: 2 (2%)
Female 55 or over: 3 (3%)
Male under 35: 18 (18%)
Male aged 35-54: 46 (45%)
Male 55 or over: 27 (26%)

So, not unsurprisingly, a strong male bias (89%), and a strong weighting towards the over 35s (76%). I think the male predominance is typical of pretty much every general discussion forum on the Internet, and I suppose quality beer is one of the finer things in life you only come to appreciate after the first flush of youth.


  1. Of course it's male-oriented, the girls are all on Facebook. ;)

  2. I didn't vote but I'm one of your 55+ readers. Even though I still feel in that first flush of youth category!

  3. I missed the poll, but I'm firmly in the white, male, middle aged, married with two kids camp.

  4. "Quality beer is one of the finer things in life you only come to appreciate after the first flush of youth".

    I must remember that line!

  5. See this comment from 14 years ago:

    "The appreciation of the finer things in life, from malt whisky to Mercedes-Benz motor cars, generally comes with maturity. By no means should CAMRA ignore the young, but it shouldn't be too worried about the lack of them in its ranks. Let them guzzle Ice Beer today, because with time they will grow out of it."

    The comment below that "So long as it doesn't take over the whole pub, I'm all in favour of giving drinkers the choice of a no-smoking area." has sadly been overtaken by events :-(

    What price choice nowadays?

  6. 'There's no fool like a old fool', as the saying goes.
    I'm an old fool and love it!
    At least I can remember the lovely old pubs from years ago, though sadly I can't find any nowdays.
    The closest I can get to a decent pub is now when the sun is shining, a decent beer garden and fellow drinkers/smokers enjoying a yarn. No hand waving miserable gits, no kids and quick service.
    Sadly, that in 2010 is difficult to find.

  7. Sadly, I can't get my soon to be 20 year old idiot to drink beer, his preference being Carling and Fosters, which worries me for the future of proper pubs. As an aside, I would recommend falling into the New Inn in Clitheroe if you are up that way, outstanding beer.

  8. Well, at least he's drinking beer of some kind, not alcopops or similar crap.

  9. So you are still in your first of youth until you hit 36? That's good news :)


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