Monday, 6 September 2010

Greyhound put down

A pub not too far from me – the Greyhound in Adswood, Stockport – has joined the recent trend of closures I have illustrated on the Closed Pubs blog. Like so many others that have closed, it is a large, 20th-century pub on a free-standing site. A former Greenall’s house, it was never the best pub in the world, and there’s a Hydes pub – the Cross Keys – just down the road, but on the other hand it managed to remain viable for decades, and there’s no shortage of potential customers nearby. Many years ago, we even had a CAMRA social there.

The scale of the steel shutters and fencing suggests there’s little prospect of it reopening as a pub. Google Street View still shows it as open. It looks to be 1930s from the architecture, although it could be early 50s – the wings look more modern than the central core. In this case, the style is that associated with inter-wars post offices and telephone exchanges rather than Brewer’s Tudor or Art Deco.


  1. Are you hoping for a Tesco Xpress on the site?

  2. Three closed in my town in the last few weeks. The one's left open seem to do little trade.

  3. I'll not miss that dole hole - The Thatched House is unlikely to remain open for more than three months and the Wheatsheaf on Hillgate is up for 5 year lease.

  4. We wonder how long will it be
    before the landlords and their punters start behaving like honorable man and women and start
    shouting the obvious.
    Are we waiting untill only the
    faddy dining middle classes have somewhere to socialise.
    Is that the aim of the Westminster
    Metrovolk, a nation of sofa bound
    soap sodden imbeciles incapable of
    questioning draconian motives.

    Look back not in anger

  5. Camra started this by backing the smoking ban


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