Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fair outlook for Robinson's

There’s an interesting article here on the Morning Advertiser website by Roger Protz discussing Robinson’s, our local independent brewer here in Stockport. It’s quite amusing how the former Trotskyite Protz has now become a cheerleader for the famously conservative-minded and indeed sometimes quasi-feudal family brewers. The Robinson family do give the impression of having a clear vision for taking the company forward and certainly aren’t willing to let it stagnate. But Oliver Robinson is surely correct when he says “Of our 400 pubs, 20% are doing well, 60% could do better and 20% are struggling.” It should be pointed out that, while the Arden Arms, which is something of a showpiece pub, may be busy on a wet Monday lunchtime, it’s unlikely that you would find anywhere near as many customers at that time in any of Robinson’s other pubs in central Stockport.


  1. Robinsons

    20%-60%-20%....? ? ? ? ?

    Perhaps he would like to list
    those doing well.
    In fact I am baffled how some of the local Robbies are surviving

    If any denialist would care to name
    one of the "doing well"pubs I am sure we can arrange a viewing.

    No doubt the Robinson chappy will
    name one which has boomed since
    July 1st 2007

    Were'nt Robbies one of the groups
    anticipating a torrent of up market clientele when their old
    regulars had been dumped in the ginnel.

    Ex Robbies regular
    38yrs x 52 x 7

  2. "Pubs offer a controlled environment — there’s no underage drinking"

    I beg to differ - I was drinking in a Robbies pub from the age of 15 ;-) I still have a soft spot for them, though, and wish them well.

    Anon - my local, in fact, the Greyhound in Bredbury is doing well these days - mainly because many of the low end pubs around have shut already...

  3. Well, the Arden Arms as mentioned in the article seems to be doing well, for starters.

  4. Doing well on the back of others
    misfortune. Hardly a tribute.

    Just a rumour,one of Robbies best pubs,untill recently in the third
    generation of landlords,top notch
    ale, once very busy (-08),superb position,near to closed down pubs,
    "to be demolished for other purposes"Once a watering hole for the local Pro Ban Mp and his entourage untill it went quiet
    Birth place of the Mineworkers
    Union. A pub which stayed open
    during wars ,cotton famines,depressions,general strikes,Thatchers recession,


  5. OT.

    Curmudgeon, you left a couple of comments on my blog. Unfortunately you left a bold tag open in one of them, and it made all the subsequent comments bold too.

    I hope you don't mind, but I've copied both comments and reposted them under my own name, with the bold tag closed, and an explanation of why I did it. The rest of the thread is no longer bold now.

  6. No problem - it seemed to be having trouble formatting links properly, for some reason. But you did see the comment where someone claimed he always had to have a shower after visiting a "smoky" pub.

  7. Yes, I did.

    In fact I think I read it around about the time it was posted.

  8. Anon

    What a clever chap you are. You claim to know more about Robinsons operations than Oliver Robinson. Gosh.

  9. Tyson
    Heres to him Mr Robinson

    You dont have to be clever to
    inherit a chain of pubs,lets see
    how clever he is at keeping them
    as his family did through far more
    troublesome times

    Selling beer or selling land .?
    We shall see.

  10. Oh I nearly forgot to mention a
    nice little offer from Robbies

    The Unity in Hyde is on offer.
    Robbies estimate potential
    turnover of £3900 per week.
    Even for thickos like me £560
    every day seems somewhat hopefull.

    Anon Again


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