Saturday 4 September 2010

You’d never have thought it

New research by CR Consulting shows that the smoking ban “is demonstrably the most significant cause of pub closures” over the past three years. The article describes it as “shock proof”, whereas I would have thought it was more a case of demonstrating the bleeding obvious, but there are still Gillian Merron-type deniers around who wilfully refuse to believe the evidence of their own eyes. The report predicts pub numbers will continue to fall, with another 1,700 to close in England before the fourth anniversary of the ban in July 2011.

It makes the point – raised more than once by commenters on this blog – that pubs cannot justify a price premium if all they can offer is expecting their customers to stand out in the street. It also explains how the impact of the ban on trade is not a one-off hit, but a slow, gradual process of the “loss of sociability”. It is still closing pubs today, and will continue to do so for many years to come.


  1. Precisely, charge 3 times shop price for a pint and then tell you to go outside in the slashing rain, freezing cold to smoke. Priceless!

  2. What is so sinister about those who
    deny the effect of the ban is the
    fact they dont really believe what
    they are saying but are compelled to. Imagine the torrent of abuse
    and criticism received by any prominent person who dares suggests
    the ban has been a total disaster for pubs and clubs. When the destruction is complete ,certain
    organisations ,companies and
    trade bodies will have to be
    brought to task. Think themselves lucky they are'nt on the Western
    Front in WW1,they'de be shot at dawn.The pub trade is now little more than a festering coven of cowards,liars,shysters,conmen,
    two faced weasels and bloated
    cap doffing stoats,who have the cringing cheek to stand at bars once frequented by real men ,real Britons.

    Stand up and sort it

  3. Look to Holland and Greece and Bulgaria and Croatia and the rest of the world where bar owners are standing up to the health Nazi's.

  4. The smoking ban also worked toward families abandoning pubs too.


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