Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Girls don’t wanna have fun

I can’t say I’m exactly surprised that Molson Coors have axed their “female-friendly” beer Animée. I guessed the writing was on the wall when I spotted some for sale in Home Bargains at 40p a bottle.
Jane Payton, beer sommelier, said “If brewers want to encourage more women to drink beer they should not treat women as one market or assume that women want to drink something light with little flavour. Instead of inventing a brand specificially for women, brewers should spend money on marketing beer as a gender neutral beverage that is a drink for everyone.”
I think I said much the same when it was launched last year.


  1. Jane Payton is correct. In addition, brewers need to stop giving their beers stupid, sexist names, and Top Totty is by no means the worst I've come across. But when I say this, I've been told, "It's only a bit of fun", and accusations of humour bypasses abound. But the views of women are more relevant than mine here: while some aren't bothered by such things, others are offended, and these are potential customers who read the message as, "Go away - this is for the lads". Putting off potential customers makes no business sense.

  2. Yep. Time for some brewers to grow out of puberty. Women do not want special 'patronising' beer. Surprise surprise, they are just like men. Some like beer and some do not. The ones that do not are not going to start drinking it just because there is a cartoon picture on it. And the ones that do like beer are going to drink more or less exactly the same types of beer that men will, (apart from the ones with stupid, sexist names and pump clips or course.)

  3. Me and my missus both tried one of these. We both thought it was repulsive, like watered down white wine.

  4. Yes, Cookie, but as py0 says, it's as weak as piss and tastes like it too.


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