Monday, 24 September 2012

Let the cold winds blow

Last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day, but it was definitely Autumnal, with a distinct nip in the air. So I go in a pub, one that has recently been refurbished and I wanted to check out, and find that they have wedged open both doors to the main lounge, resulting in a draught of freezing air. How many times have I seen this done by staff who are working up a sweat behind the bar and have no idea how their customers feel? Yes, I could have suggested they close the doors, but if you’re only there for a swift one there’s little point. Pubs in general are far too keen both to turn up the heating and to leave the doors open.


  1. Almost as annoying is when the twenty soemthing bar staff decide to turn the music ( inevitably "bangin' tunes" ) when the older customers are all,at best, indifferent to it.

  2. One of my pet hates is pubs with the heating on and the doors wide open. The opposite I found once in the pub that I now run, with a large air conditioning unit running in June and the doors wide open.
    But as somebody who runs a pub, I know the importance of keeping the environment pleasant for both customers and staff. And sometimes compromises have to be made. Often customers are sat still for periods of time, and they will naturally cool down, but bar staff are usually busy and may well be too warm.
    Many customers invariably think of themselves only, whereas I have to think of everybody in the room, and find a middle ground. This does cause issues sometimes when I decide to wedge the front door open for ten minutes to let the room cool down a little, and some people do not like it one bit. Trying to explain to one customer that they have to sacrifice a tiny bit of personal comfort for ten minutes to facilitate the comfort of many others in the room does not usually go down well.


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