Friday, 28 September 2012

Minimum pricing canned?

Excellent news today. It may be just speculation, but the oft-derided Mail often seems to have its ear more firmly to the ground than its broadsheet competitors.

Isn’t Schadenfreude wonderful?

Mind you, it's a sad day when the EU has to come to the rescue of sensible governance in this country.


  1. thank god for our membership of the EU eh?

  2. Lord Egbert Nobacon28 September 2012 at 22:49

    I'm not sure why you're so disparaging about the Daily Hate.
    With a blog whose raison d'etre appears to be constant grumbling and harking to the past I'd always had you down as an archetypal Mail reader.

  3. Cooking,
    That may be the position of the EU at the moment but if the EU decides that lovely cheap lager needs to go then it will be rubber stamped and we will have to do what they say, regardless, flip side and all that.

  4. As one of the founding pillars of the EU is a single market, that Fred, is about as likely as CAMRA seeing sense. Thank god for the EU, god only knows what mess we'd be in if UKIP nutters ever got into parliament.

  5. Cooking, well I suppose even the EU can get things right every now and then, even random chance would suggest that they would. Anyway, I am off to a house party tonight where I shall drink large amounts of cheap French lager. Which I am sure I would have been able to do with out the help of the EU or UKIP!

  6. "a blog whose raison d'etre appears to be constant grumbling and harking to the past"

    I think you've got it there...

  7. There's nowt wrong with constant grumbling and harking to the past.
    Ask anyone from Yorkshire.
    Aye up !


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