Friday 16 November 2012

Ring any bells?

As posted on Twatter by @fleetstreetfox:

Let me tell you about the worst actors I ever met. It was in a south London pub not far from the Globe which was supposed to be like Shakespeare's only the real one is under an office block. Lots of actors came in. They all had beards. They all ordered halves, sat around chin-scratching and saying things like "well on the original Greek text" and then...

THEN... they started singing Tudor pub songs. In HARMONIES. Waving their halves like wassailing merry men expecting Errol Flynn to turn up. I vomited, then left. Twats.

I've avoided pubs near theatres ever since. Easier that way.


  1. At least they didn't hold it up to the light, smell it, take a sip and announce "two and three quarters, I think"

  2. Now I know why I was right NOT to sign up to Twatter!!


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