Monday 12 November 2012

We’re not being killjoys

The natural follow-on from the, er, resounding success of Stoptober, is a call from Alcohol Concern for people to abstain totally from alcohol during January. Obviously many people will be forced to cut down simply because of being skint after the festive season, but this is taking things to another level.

Alcohol Concern spokeswoman Emily Robinson said: “Many of us think the way we drink isn't a problem, but even having just a few beers after work or a few glasses of wine at home too often can take you over safe limits and store up problems for the future.

“We're challenging people to take part in Dry January and try giving up booze for 31 days, and if it sounds like a big ask you're exactly the person we want to join us and have a go.

“We're not being killjoys or telling people to never drink again. We just think this provides the perfect opportunity for all of us to take a breather and get thinking about our drinking.”

Er, surely killjoys is exactly what you are being, and what you are paid to be by the government. And those so-called “safe limits” are a load of nonsense made up by you and your Prohibitionist pals.

Of course, if every drinker took them at their word, most of the pubs in the country would be out of business by the end of the month. What a result that would be!


  1. "around 200,000 people go to work with a hangover every day, costing the economy around £6.4 billion every year."

    Yet more dodgy statistics from a dodgy "fake" charity. Where do they get their information from? and who are they to tell the rest of us how to conduct our lives?

  2. Imagine going to work without a hangover - what a horrible thought...

  3. This reminds me of the idea of "meetless mondays". An idea advocated by an organization of the same name. They got Paul McCartney to become one of their mouthpieces (there's a video on youtube). When I saw this I realized that Paul must really be getting old if he falls for such allurement.

  4. The language is enough to put me off: "challenging", "a big ask". If that's the only way they can communicate, they're not going to convince many people.

  5. "We don't want you to stop drinking or think of alcohol as a bad thing. We just think this is the perfect opportunity for you to stop drinking and think of alcohol as a bad thing."

  6. Will Alcohol Concern be picketing CAMRA's Winter Beer Fest in January?

  7. If you lot cannot stay off the grog for a few weeks and give your livers a rest, I'd question whether you are a bunch of alkies.

  8. Like the new "drink aware" character, Cookie, but you should probably change the name to go with it. "PeterYates" maybe? (Moderation is true temperance...)


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