Saturday 3 November 2012

Crafty Spoons

Well, the poll recorded a generally positive expectation that we would be seeing craft keg in Wetherspoon’s before the end of next year. And, given rumours that they may be taking Punk IPA once the new BrewDog brewery is up and running, it may well happen. Only time will tell.

However, surely the two key benefits of keg are:

  1. It ensures greater consistency, and
  2. It allows more choice to be provided with the same turnover
Neither of which are really going to be important factors in Spoons, unless they go for rotating guest kegs. Is that a cry of “slippery slope” I hear in the background?


  1. If this time next year I cannot enjoy the discernment of craft keg for £1.99 in the spoons, or free with a burger you shall receive a strongly worded letter of complaint for raising my hopes that I may join the craft beer revolution and stick it to the man.

  2. A year has passed and I had a sixpoint craft canned IPA with my burger. I take it all back.

  3. Are they letting you have the craft cans in the Beer & Burger deal now? Times must be hard.


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